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HAPPY NEW YEAR! – All fucks will be given for 2014 resolutions.


Short promotional animation for the illustrated collection Skeptical,
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“In the last couple of weeks I’ve been keeping my work on going, but not showing it that must.” and I would repeat myself at the start of this post. Although that’s no lie, I’ve keeping my work on going, but I haven’t been updating this blog for quite some time. So let’s start now.

I’m currently working on a collection of illustration that gather much from this last CVLT fase I’m going through. Hope this doesn’t sound like a diss, cause it’s not, I’m loving this. The technic, only working in black and white compositions, the meticulous drawing, challenging my need of rough shapes and giant black stains. But most of all, I’m loving the patience it requires from me. I spend hour drawing with dots and thin trimmed lines looking for shades and volumes I haven’t tried yet.

900_2013-12-19 19.20.15To evidence the concept of skepticism seen in this collection, I tried to display the different set of illustration as if they were pages of a scientific animal life manual, combining the calculated drawing of scientific illustration with a dark technic and the display of the illustrations, that also seem to create a skeptical sense.

Captura de ecrã - 2013-12-19, 18.29.06For now, the Skeptical on Vampires (worked upon the bats for the shirt proposal for New Kind of Mambo) and Skeptical on Undertaker editions are available, but soon you’ll have more skeptical bugs.

900_2013-12-19 19.21.19So I’ve been illustrating among bugs and flying rats. And they’re for sale here, check them.