Monthly Archives: January 2013

In the last couple of weeks I’ve been keeping my work on going, but not showing it that must. The ratio of printscreens and pictures of WIP got low, leading to a slow flow of feedback in Facebook or any other social/portfolio network. Therefore, I’ve been giving more time to research, spending time looking for new thing, new references and new people to follow. This slow pace as led me to find some fascinating projects, most of them show a similar theme, which I’m loving to discover and work on. Is this CVLT shit, this gothic, obscure and occult language, with high evocations of religious icons and mystic references.


The first time I’ve encounter this type of work was when I found Chelsea Wolfe and Actual Pain. Wolfe’s dark and skeptic music sets the perfect tune to sell those items, she appears as a model in a couple of pictures. Almost by the same time, I’ve also found Dead Letters Spell Out Dead Words, Beläten, Cheval Noir Editions, Sin-eater and Førtifem.

This dark way I’m taking is getting me really eager to work harder and for longer periods of time. Resulting in some of my latest posters, like Spirit Fest and a couple of posters for ZOOM. But this last name, Førtifem was a major reference for the most recent ZOOM’s poster (which has the Movie 4:44 Last Days On Earth) regarding some kind of premonition of the world’s end. – CECK IT

Captura de ecrã - 2013-12-22, 15.08.45

Hope to grow in these ideas and concepts and maybe start some kind of new approach to what I can do with illustration and communication.